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Bodega Film Lab
homegrown film lab Located at 4120 Main St. Pgh, PA 15224

- You may drop off film during business hours or leave in the drop box on the front of the store after hours. If using the drop box film should be contained in a closed package of some sort. please include a filled out order form which you can download below. we will email you an invoice. 
- If you are unable to print the order form thats okay! Simply include a note with name, email, phone, and date. we will email you an invoice. 

- You can also mail film to us! Just include the filled out order form or note with name, email, phone, and date and we will email you an invoice. For folks mailing who would like to receive their negatives back, please mark the mail to me check box on the order form and include mailing info!
please See order form for our mailing address.

- See Below for examples of client work. 


Now offering 4x6" glossy PRInts! 

- We do not offer E-6 or slide Processing.

- ALL IMAGES WILL BE SENT VIA wetransfer download link to your email. 

FILM NEGATIVES Will be held at the store for 2 months.

PLEASE note we also have an option to receive negatives back by mail! 

Follow along on Instagram: @BodegaFilmLab
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